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FAQ - iCloud+

iCloud+ is designed to give users a secure and private experience when interacting with sites and vendors.

How am I impacted?

If you're using iCloud+ services, with iCloud Private Relay enabled, and you're using the Safari browser to interact with our offers on our offerwall - those offers will require you to take additional steps.

To offer you the best possible and streamlined experience, we recommend that you disable iCloud Private Relay or interact with our offerwall on Google's Chrome Browser. By disabling or using a different browser to interact with our offers will streamline your hard-earned reward.


How will I know if I am affected?

Check to see if you have iCloud Private Relay enabled.

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: To turn off Private Relay in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Private Relay.


What offers are affected?

This affects all offers

I have iCloud+ with iCloud Private Relay enabled - What does this mean for me?

You must either disable iCloud Private Relay or use a web browser other than Safari (such as Google Chrome) when interacting with our offers and offerwall.

How can I get rewarded?

By disabling iCloud Private Relay, it will streamline and simplify your experience.

To turn off iCloud Private Relay in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Private Relay > Turn Off Private Relay.



I've disabled iCloud Private Relay, now what?

Upon interacting with an offer on our offerwall and completing that offer, we can almost immediately release your rewards.

I am still missing my reward, now what?

Click here to learn how to submit a support request. Once you've submitted a support request. Our player support team will review your evidence and work with our partners to verify your submission. Once verified, the rewards will be released to you.

Missing Rewards

I've disabled iCloud Private Relay and I completed the offer, but I did not receive my reward

  • Not all rewards are instantaneous - While some offer rewards will appear in your account right away, other offers require additional time before they appear. This depends on the offer type - your reward could be delayed up to 48 hours before it is reflected in your account.

  • You will not receive your reward when our advertising partners cannot recognize your offer completion in the following scenarios:

    • iCloud Private Relay was enabled after you click on the ad offer

    • App tracking was disabled after you click on the ad offer AND before you have completed the offer instructions

    • App tracking was disabled DURING the process of completing the offer. If this occurs, you are required to submit a support ticket with evidence of offer completion

  • If you are still missing your rewards - please submit your completion and our team with review your submission.


My completion submission was denied, why and what do I do now?

There could be several reasons why your submission was denied, here are a few common reasons:

  • The offer was not completed

  • Submitted fake proof

  • Use of VPNs to access offers that you are not eligible for, due to geographic or other restrictions

  • Being abusive to our player support team or otherwise violating our User Terms of Service

We understand that this shifts the way you will interact with our offerings. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We are confident that as an industry, we will find a solution that protects user privacy while also creating a seamless experience.

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