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Featured Ad Placements


Featured Placements work alongside our Web Offerwall or AdGem's Offer and Static API integrations to drive incremental revenue. These standalone targeted promotions can be placed anywhere on your property with your own user interface and branding.

  • Quick and easy API integration via the Offer API or Static API which allows offers to be chosen based on your preferences and what appeals to your audience.
  • Cross-platform integration supported: iOS, Android, mobile web, and desktop.
  • Showcase the hottest brands with the best rewards and highest payouts.
  • Provide the most visibility on offers; reach 100% of your audience and enerate sense of user exclusivity.
  • Non-intrusive, opt-in ad unit preserving UX Less scrolling for users, it's a quick and easy way to show value to users, and great for users who are new to offerwalls.
  • Offer additional opportunity to monetize users you might not normally reach.
  • Supplement Offerwall earnings; Feature Placements don’t take away revenue opportunities from the Offerwall.
  • Proven to increase monthly revenue by at least 30%.

Getting Started

To get started with AdGem’s Featured Ad Placements, you will need to create an app in the AdGem Dashboard.

Screenshot ** Featured Ad Placements can be used in conjunction with other AdGem integrations, but should be done so under a secondary app ID which can be generated by creating a new app in the AdGem Dashboard. ** Screenshot

Creating a secondary app will allow you to track which conversions were driven from your offer wall or the Featured Placements.


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