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Optional Parameters

AdGem iOS SDK offers an API to store several optional user value fields such as age, gender, player ID, etc. These values can then be retrieved again on each conversion postback and/or used to segment your audiences and optimize your mobile ad revenue earnings.


  AdGem.setPlayerId(playerId: "xyz1233")
  AdGem.setPlayerAge(age: 28)
  AdGem.setPlayerLevel(level: 100)
  AdGem.setPlayerPayer(spentMoney: false)
  AdGem.setPlayerIAPTotal(iapTotal: 0)
  AdGem.setCustomVariable1(variable: "a")
  AdGem.setCustomVariable2(variable: "b")
  AdGem.setCustomVariable3(variable: "c")
  AdGem.setCustomVariable4(variable: "d")
  AdGem.setCustomVariable5(variable: "e")
  AdGem.setPlayerCreatedAt(createdDate: Date())
  AdGem.setPlayerGender(gender: AdGemGender.male)
  AdGem.setPlayerPlacement(place: 1)

Parameter Type Property Description
playerID string setPlayerId() For increased fraud protection, we highly recommend you set the player_id.
User’s unique ID on your system
age integer setPlayerAge() User’s age
gender AdGemGender setPlayerGender() User’s gender
spentMoney boolean setPlayerPayer() Boolean value to set whether that player has made an in-app purchase or not
iapTotal integer setPlayerIAPTotal() If the player has made an in-app purchase, the total is set here
createdDate timestamp setPlayerCreatedAt() Timestamp without the time zone
level integer setPlayerLevel() The level that the player has achieved
place integer setPlayerPlacement() Integer value that represents
variable varchar setCustomVariable1() Custom field 1
variable varchar setCustomVariable2() Custom field 2
variable varchar setCustomVariable3() Custom field 3
variable varchar setCustomVariable4() Custom field 4
variable varchar setCustomVariable5() Custom field 5
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